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Best-dressed babes (in training)

Parading your little prince or princess in designer labels may not be as important as saving for their tertiary education, but hey, if you can afford to cultivate their sense of style from an early age, why not make it a priority? Besides, having an eye for detail and knowing how to present themselves will serve them well later in life.

*At SOLOMONS (Pta North branch only), our trendy kids’ daywear combines the ‘cute factor’ with comfort, plus these quality items become the perfect ‘hand-me-downs’ too.

Girls can try Guess on for size with adorable printed dresses or denim stitched into shorts and skirts. Mix these daily essentials with pretty blouses, T-shirts and bolero-style knits. Your doll can also play dress up in Pringle of Scotland outfits which are a smarter option for parties and special ‘extended family’ gatherings. Complete her look with funky yet feminine Rage footwear or let her run along in Puma sports shoes or Crocs.

Your little man aspires to be successful like his dad so button him up in Pringle of Scotland collared shirts as well as woollen vests and scarves easy recognisable by the brand’s signature diamond pattern. Pair these with Guess jeans and shorts or allow him to be a curious busy body in Puma or Adidas tracksuits and sneakers.

Weekends and holidays aside, kids often need a dozen things at the start of every school term including uniforms, shoes and even sports kits and gear for extra-mural activities. At SOLOMONS, we stock attire for our local schools; Danie Malan Primary School, Gerrit Maritz High School, Pretoria North High School and Rachel De Beer Primary School.

*Kids’ clothes available at our Pretoria North branch only